Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Since Friday night....

I have.....

// cleaned brushes for wedding Saturday, lounged around

// did makeup for wedding party at Antique Acres

// came home, ate lunch, napped, got ready for 1st shower

// drove an hour+ to shower, had tons of fun, got home late

// slept in Sunday, watched Joel Osteen & Jentezen Franklin, got ready for 2nd shower of the weekend

// came home, got in comfy clothes, Mimi & Gigi stopped by, brought in all the shower gifts, started cleaning the house, and the rest of the night is a blur

// Monday was EXHAUSTED, took Sox to her yearly checkup, had a lunch date with Coach can't tell you the last time any kind of date has happened.. worked in the house here and there but pretty much napped off and on.. Coach went to Akins to get his oil changed and ended up waking me up at home to test drive a car.. this happened twice. Cleaned everything out of my car because I thought it was going bye bye.. Just FYI, its still in the yard.

// Tuesday I went to Mama Jane's to visit with Aunt Kaye and Uncle Jack from KY.. I got there at lunch and then left around 4ish maybe 5ish, stopped by grocery store on the way home, unloaded & put away groceries, finished some laundry, worked in Nursery.. I got all of my craft items into two, 3 drawer bins, they went into the living room closet.. cleaned out the guest bathroom drawers and under the sink, added more to yard sale pile (how do two humans accumulate so much stuff??)

// Today, worked for a couple hours doing Amber and Claire's hair, took 32 weekly bumpdate picture  way too late cleaned out my hope chest that's staying in the nursery, cleaned out the last drawer of the dresser thats coming out, and that's a WRAP for the nursery and all our stuff that doesn't belong in there... except for the printer the office needs to be wired for it and my filing bins. Praise the Lord!!

I arranged a couple of her things, like the crib and diapers, where I want them to be set up in her room. That was fun towards the end getting a visual of where everything will be.

And Coach finally stepped away from the laptop to come see all that Baby Hopper got from the shower Sunday... He didn't seem too thrilled about it and after a very short discussion, I think he's pretty nervous/"scared" was the word he used. Maybe after seeing all the pink it got real for him!!

Me on the other hand, now that the nursery is cleaned out except for what I mentioned, having a couple of showers, seeing all the baby items, I just got SUPER EXCITED!! I feel like everything is starting to come together!!

And last but not least, Kyli wanted me to tell y'all she hunted & killed a critter that didn't belong in the house... she has been in killer mode for the past two days and is now boastfully strutting her stuff around the house like she's the Queen Min Pin. Maybe I should buy her a crown....

What a whirlwind of the past 5 days! I'm sure I'm forgetting something and I was for sure so certain that I would be able to spend more time here in the blogging world.. boy was I wrong. 

It feels so good getting so much done tho!

Back to work tomorrow and Friday and another shower on Saturday!


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