Thursday, September 19, 2013


We had a HUGE welcome back home the night we got back from our honeymoon. My Mom, Aunt, my cousin Gigi, Coach's parents- Connie and Ricky, sister Tracie, and our precious puppies- The 3 Amigos- were waiting on us at the house for a warm welcome home! 
How GREAT it was to be back and see OUR family!
Don't get me wrong, I was LOVING Jamaica but there is no place like home!

The house was cleaned, back in shape and while we were gone the cooktop even got hooked up for us! We walked into the kitchen and there was a pot of water on boil.. I noticed it first thing! 
The kitchen was one of the last things to be completed in the renovations department and there are still a few small things left to be completed.

There were 'wedding' surprises all over the house for us.. check 'em out!

This chair was done for the family seating.
Loved our corn hole bags made by the Bestie, Amber!

I LOVED our flowers!

Can't wait to get my dried bouquet and Coach's boutt in a shadow box.

Unity Sand.

The most beautiful gown I will ever own!



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