Monday, September 16, 2013

Honeymoon.. Day 7

Saturday November 24, 2012
Forecast: Partly sunny -31*
Sunrise: 6:22AM
Sunset: 5:30PM

Today was bittersweet I'm pretty sure for both of us. It was our last day in the beautiful Ocho Rios Sandals resort, but we were also missing our family and puppies, and were very anxious to get back home.
I think what started bothering me the most was knowing we had an hour and a half bus ride back to the airport. We were so excited and giddy on the way to the resort, when we initially arrived, we really didn't have a care in the world. Well by this point I think my mind had started wandering and I was just ready to get back home to American soil.

Here is our last fun, relaxing, joy filled day of our Honeymoon.

Israel always had our pad set up right!

The following is our 'photoshoot' from a very nice English man who was visiting here for two weeks. He said that he and his brother owned a brewery in England and he and his wife visit Ocho Rios frequently. When I came home I looked him up and there he was, but since I write nothing down and have a horrible memory, I can't find him. I will tell you tho that I will keep searching because I am the google queen and will update when I succeed. 

All I asked for was one picture for my hometown paper. Wherever you visit, if you take a picture with the Jackson Herald, they will feature it in the paper. This man took it to a whole new level and was straight up like the paparazzi. He was telling us how to pose, yelling out commands the whole time and I honestly felt like I was on location for a professional magazine shoot. I thought it was hilarious but Coach got irritated just a tad bit. He's not one that is up for pictures but me being a picture freak I am glad he went crazy with it!

This was his irritation point. Ha.

This guy was so funny! And yes paparazzi still had our camera!!

The water was sooo beautiful!!!

I forgot to mention earlier in the week we did go kayaking one day. The day we decided to go the water was very choppy but we did it! We also didn't get to snorkel because of how rough the ocean was and it was too dangerous against the coral reef. Maybe we will get our chance again some day! 
Another thing I wanted to mention was their native dish. On the ride from the airport to the resort, Coach asked our driver what is the one dish he recommend for us to try. It's Ackeeh and Saltfish. Ackeeh is a fruit that is so delish and they mix it with saltfish. They had this our first day on the breakfast bar. Since I never add salt to anything, the saltfish was pretty stout but it is something I would definitely eat again.

This local man was fishing with a Dasani water bottle, string, and a rock for a sinker... and he was successfully catching fish!

Of course Coach had to try it out for himself. 

We got a little surprise snack delivered to us later on in the afternoon. 
And of course the paparazzi picked back up again.. 

Evening sunset begins.

Notice the locals still fishing.

One happy lady here!

Setting up for a wedding. The bride was gorgeous!

Last photo on the Ocho Rios, Jamaica beach!

Dinner at the Manor restaurant. This is where they had the famous lava molten cake that Coach surprised me with the first night we were here.

We were both so thankful and blessed with our honeymoon. Coach has already talked about going back for our 10 year. Everything was absolutely heavenly and definitely a week of my life I will always cherish!



IrisM @ The Colored Married Life said...

Heyyy :) Just found your blog! I love all these photos! What a BEAUtiful couple :) Can't wait for you to share the Love Story :)

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