Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Honeymoon.. Day 6

Friday November 23, 2012
Forecast: rain and drizzle -29*C
Sunrise: 6:20AM
Sunset: 5:30PM

Today was definitely a relaxing day. We of course started out with breakfast and then treated ourselves to an 80 minute Hot Stone couples massage at the Red Lane Spa. 
Hey we needed it after all that Marlin catching. HA!
Talk about AAHH-MAAZ-ING!
It was a treatment that we have never gotten before for sure! We got into our robes and they took us to a steam room that seemed to be filled up with eucalyptus. Definitely opened up my sinuses! A lady came and got us after what seemed like forever I think I was getting a little claustrophobic closed up in that room and we were then lead to a pool in the center of the spa. They said this water was 'lukewarm' but I beg to differ. It felt like a pool of ice cubes but afterwards I can't begin to explain how refreshed I felt! Coach and I both agreed how good we felt and weird to say relaxed!

She then led us to the massage room and well.. the rest is history. Those hot stones were absolutely amazing. Actually, that is probably an understatement! 
We continued our relaxation out on the beach... my heaven on earth. 



For dinner, Israel suggested that we take part in the Boonoonoos Beach Party. It was on the Ochi Beach Club side.. the same place where we had dinner at Neptunes.
The food was delicious as always! 
They had everything from salads to seafood to BBQ to pastas.. I mean everything you could think of they had it on the menu. 
I had a little bit of pasta and it was so good to have a little taste of home. 
I don't know about Coach but it was getting towards the end of our wonderful trip and I think I was getting a little home sick. 

This was definitely fun and a fun crowd. There was great music, a little crazy talent show, and dancing contests. One of the couples that was on our boat did the dance contest and that girl could break it down!! 
Coach and I just enjoyed people watching and, of course, our food. 

I ate way too many desserts in Jamaica!

Have you ever been on vaca in a maxi dress with Christmas decor everywhere? Super weird.

Reality was in the near future.. we got back to the room with this little guy holding our itinerary for heading back home.

Lots of Love!!


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