Friday, June 6, 2014

5 on Friday

How was everyone's week? 
Mine was super super busy and flew by pretty fast! I have been enjoying my Saturday's off so I am sooo happy tomorrow is the last day of work for the week. Whoop whoop!

Here is my 5 on Friday.

I purchased this baby on Memorial weekend at Ace Hardware for $59.99. Yup. You read that right. If its going to be a hot one I am going to have a way to stay cool. Works for me! Only problem is it hasn't been put up yet because I need the help of my other half who has been MIA around these parts. Maybe this weekend.... 

LOVING these overalls. 
Glad they finally made a comeback. 
They really help out when you are feeling just a tad bloated, too.


Going to see my Boo this weekend Doin' Work!
It seems like forever since I have been to the field to see his teams play... and after a whittle convo Wednesday night I think he is missing his wifey sitting in the stands. 
I miss you too Coach.

Did anyone catch the CMT Awards?? 
She is absolutely my FAVORITE!! 
I can't wait to hang out with her one day.
Hey a girl can dream.
And, I want to try and rock her red carpet hurr-do. 

Lovin' my monogrammed chucks!! 
Amber is the bomb.
These kicks were a huge hit after they were posted and I have a feeling she is gonna be a mean, monogrammin' chucks machine very soon.
Thank you sooo much! I love, love, love them!

chucks monogrammed

Big plans this weekend friends??
Whatever it is, if you can't be good be good at it!



Sam @ said...

LOVE those monogrammed chucks! I pinned a similar pair but I really like the black and white! So cute!

Peach State of Mind said...

I'm pretty sure you're the most adorable over-all wearin' lady I've ever seen! If I wore overalls, I would look like a hobo...

And Miranda is TOTALLY the best! Call me when y'all hang out! ;)

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