Wednesday, June 18, 2014

That time Kyli almost got eaten by a coyote

While outside being crafty this past weekend, an unknown animal decided to grace us with its presence. At one point Saturday Mara took off running and barking towards the pasture fence and when I looked up I just saw a greyish blob of something. I didn't get a good look at it because I was too busy running and screaming after Mara to get her rear back to the house. 

Thankfully she stopped and came back to me and immediately I put all the pups in the house. I called my SIL and told her what happened. She said she hadn't seen anything lately but her and her friend awhile back had seen a bobcat at the pond. Throughout the day, I kept watch but I never saw it again.
Sunday while outside, I just happened to look up, and there it was again. STILL DIDN'T get a good look at what it may be because it was already halfway into the bushes.

Later on my FIL comes by to drop off the boat and I tell him what I had been seeing. We decided that it may just be a baby deer. A baby deer? Well I want to get a better look! We go walking thru the pasture walk all over the sighting area, look into the briar patch where something had been making den but don't see a thing.
Monday don't see anything.

 Yesterday started out just like any normal workday with letting the 3 Amigos outside as soon as I woke up. After taking a look around the premises, I let them outside to do their business. I kept a close watch on them while I fixed myself some toast.. you can see the whole back yard out our kitchen window and back door.. They were all being so good staying close to the house and sunbathing.
And then Miss Nosey Kyli decides she is going to let her little sniffing nose take her out into the pasture. I went to the porch and started calling for her to come back to the house.. which she wasn't responding to me calling her.. she has that selective hearing and she TOTALLY gives me the middle paw and goes about whatever she wants to do.
I realized she was not coming back and thought to myself, you should probably go get your glasses so you can actually see! Got my glasses, grabbed the clicker, since I can't whistle I have been using this as a way to get her back to the house. When she hears the clicks, she knows she is getting a treat., and started making my way out to the yard calling her name and clicking.
I got to about Point A and I think my heart stopped for quite sometime. 

Here comes Kyli running with a COYOTE CHASING AFTER HER!!!

I can't even begin to describe how I felt. I was screaming her name over and over and just bolted into a sprint I feel like it was a sprint.. I was probably just running like Pheobe from Friends I felt like my whole body was jello, I couldn't breathe, and I felt like I couldn't get to her fast enough. 
I finally reached her at Point D where she came trotting thru the fence to me. TROTTING KYLI??? Why aren't you still in a sprint???!
I scooped her up in my arms we started running back to the house. We, as in me and Sox. She and Mara were still outside and as soon as I started running like a crazy woman they came running after me. The only explanation that I can think of why Sox never saw the coyote was her view was blocked from the apple tree. THANK THE LORD!! Oh and at Point B, my toast was laying on the ground and Miss all-I-ever-wanna-do-is-eat Mara was too busy chowing down. THANK THE LORD!
We all got back into the house safely and unharmed. From the little speaking that I could do I got Coach outside to see this monster. It just stood at the fence, staring us down for a couple minutes like "I dare you to come after me". I couldn't stand still and was talking irrationally. Coach was doing his best to calm me down and he also informed me if I would've stood still it probably would have stayed long enough for him to grab his gun and shoot it. 
One of my babies almost got eaten!!

I know we have these types of animals roaming the farm but one has never made hisself at home this close to the house! One of the reasons for this is probably our chickens that aren't too far from where he's been hanging out. Another reason is because the pasture hasn't been cut in some time.
This is what I came home to last night and I was so happy and thankful this was being done!!

Coach told me he made his appearance again when he started his way thru the pasture. He left and came back a little while later and Coach made his way cutting thru his hangout. He still hung around!!! He is DEFINITELY not scared of us. 
As it got darker, my SIL came down to the house and while I was just beginning to give her the latest details, he here comes again!!
We got Coach's rifle but it was gone by the time we got back outside. 

We got our first egg yesterday after over a week. This explains why they haven't been laying. When they get stressed, for a number of factors, they don't lay.

I am SOOOO THANKFUL things weren't worse than what they could have been yesterday. We definitely had the Lords favor all over us. I thanked Him all day yesterday and still thanking Him today.  Such a scary moment! I have never had that close of an encounter with a wild animal. 
I don't even want to question this situation because the Lord did protect Kyli, being so close to the road and with the unknown out there I pray for their protection all the time. Some may think its silly but they are our babies but could you imagine the 'conversation' between those two when Kyli ran up on the coyote? I'm so thankful she decided to run instead of picking a fight! She seriously thinks she is Doberman.
When I got almost to work I realized I had forgotten about the clicker and it was probably in the yard somewhere. Which it was. Found at Point C.
This morning, Tracie's friend and his son, set up a call and was ready and waiting for it, and more, to make its appearance. No such luck. I hope they are trying again tonight. Supposedly they make there way out in the evening and early morning. 
I just want it to be safe for our puppies and us to be outside without worry and for the 3 Amigos to roam free again. They haven't had to be put on a leash in forever and they are not liking it!

Now that everything is over with I would like to see a replay of how crazy I was being. If anyone would have been outside they would have gotten show!! By the time I got back to the house, I realized my robe had come undone in the midst of the craziness! Thankfully, no one was around and all were spared!



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