Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We Were Those People Last Night...

Walking into Ninja for a sushi date 25 minutes before they closed.. the last souls in the restaurant leaving as we sat down. We totally questioned ourselves and whether or not we should get up and just leave. I mean we were getting some pretty nasty looks. I guess we just completely lost track of time before we left the house and wasn't paying attention to what time it was.

We ended up staying and INHALED our food. I could have inhaled some more sushi but we decided against adding to our order. 
It was soooooo delicious tho!! Amidst us rushing, Coach and I had some pretty good conversation and I felt like we had some time to reconnect. This is such a busy time for him. 
And you know what?? 
After I thought about it.. it wasn't like we walked in FIVE minutes before they closed... we are DEFINITELY not THOSE people. 



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