Friday, June 27, 2014

Where I have been....

I know I have been MIA this week and I do hope you accept my apologies. 
Last year, Judy's church hosted a festival where people could rent a booth and sell any DIY items... they are having another festival tomorrow! A couple months ago, Connie asked me would I like to join them!
I have had a few things done but this week most of my spare time has gone to finishing up some of my projects. 
Here are a few of those things I have been finishing!

Love love love these! I think they would have just the right finishing touch with some hydrangea blooms.

I found these frames at Red Hound Boutique awhile back. Be looking for a tutorial on these beauties! 
I know I did them, but I just love the way they turned out!
The baby blue with the chalkboard has much more detail to it... I was just playing around with my camera and couldn't get the lighting down right so I feel like the photo is washed out.. 

And bring on the mason jars! I may have gone a tad over board. 
I had the smaller ones leftover when I attempted Pear Preserves and had the larger ones hanging around the house.
Cute pencil/pen holders? Makeup brush holders? 

Amber is joining in on the fun too! We are headed there tonight to get a head start on setting up the booth. Can't wait to see what kind of turn out we have.



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