Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Perfect Game Invitationals

Saturday morning I got up bright and early and hit the road for Euharlee.. Oh you have never heard of that? Yea me either. I left around 9:30 and didn't get there until noon at Joe Cowan Park.

It was only supposed to take me an hour an a half to get there. AND it always seems to never fail, my GPS will take me into the middle of a subdivision and say in its British accent, "You have arrived at your destination." 


I didn't want to bother Coach because I knew the game had already started, but after driving around for what seemed like forever and getting nowhere, I had no choice but to call him. He put me on the phone with a parent and FINALLY I got there. Thank you Randy for getting me to the field! I am normally good with directions but oh my goodness the harder I tried to get there the more I got myself in a tizzy and I really thought I was going to miss the game. ANYHOOO, I made it!
The parents I meet are so nice and always want to know how Coach and I met and a little bit about us. I ended up sitting with Randy's wife, Teresa, they are good friends with my Aunt and they have twin boys who both play for Shane. They are incredible players!, and two other Mom's I met for the first time who are also super sweet. Its always great talking with them and getting to know who their children are that are playing. They definitely keep me company!

I hate to brag, but Team Elite 16's Prime kicked some bootay! 11-0 final and this took them onto the next game in the Perfect Game Invitational, which was AWESOME, but Prime was losing eight of their players for PG Nationals in Fort Meyers, FL. Coach was sad to see them go but he was excited for them to be invited by PG for the Nationals event.

After melting in the humidity, we made a stop for lunch and then made our way over to East Cobb for their 7:00 game. We were also able to watch the remaining Team Elite South game before 16U's. 
Louisville Slugger's had me on the edge of my seat. We were up, then down, then back up again for a close, nail biting finish to win the game. The kids were so pumped coming away from shaking hands! Well everyone was.

Being a couple hours from home and 16U's playing at the LakePoint Venue the next day, we found a Super Target and I grabbed some things I needed for an overnight stay. I was so excited and happy to be there with him I didn't want to go home! 
We were able to sleep in a bit the next morning and then made our way to Emerson. Coach kept telling me, "I can't wait for you to see this place. It's just sick." Meaning it's the real-deal-holyfield. Gotta love their lingo. 
This place is on point. As we pull into the entrance, they have beach volleyball and cable wakeboarding. No one was playing volleyball but there were a few people wakeboarding. I have never seen anything like it. Word is Bobby Cox is one of the investors of this state-of-the-art venue and he was actually there Thursday for the opening ceremonies. Wish I could have been there! If y'all get a chance you just need to Google this place... it's going to have so much more you just wouldn't believe!

They have other kiosk besides just Louisville Slugger.

 When Coach has to get started with the team before the game, I make my way to find a seat. At first, I was sitting near the dugout but not too long after I was behind home plate with a few scouts. There were plenty around all weekend!

How awesome are these turf fields?

The boys getting warmed up. 
Several kids were pulled up from 15U to take the place of the eight players that were gone. 

If you look close enough,  Coach is hitting balls for a little warmup action.
My handsome boo. Have I said yet how much I love seeing him in his office? 


First pitch to start the game!!

And looky who finally made her way to join me! This chick is too funny and will keep you in stitches. 

Once again, it ended up being a close one but they did it! Another WIN for Team Elite 16U's! We were onto the next game. 
One thing I noticed was the support from TE players from different teams. If they weren't playing and onto their next game, you could find them in the stands watching.. I told Shane it was so great seeing them there doing, having something they love to do, helping them stay out of trouble.

 Megan and I ended up being able to meet Clint's girlfriend, he's one of Shane's coaches this year... super sweet girl and I hope to see her at more of the games. Megan and I talked a lot about Nashville. If you have been reading her blog you know she loooooves that place! 

Prime ended up losing this game but I am still so proud of how far they came especially missing eight of their players. 

BEAUTIFUL sunset we were blessed with to see. This picture doesn't do justice at all.

I know he's my husband, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing him on the field with these kids. I was able to witness first hand this weekend how much respect they have for Shane and how much they look up to him. I may have even overheard one a few kids and parents telling him he was their favorite. All weekend, he had kids coming up to him that has played for him in the past, just to say hey and see how he was doing. Y'all would just have to see it for yourself.. I can't put it into words how awesome it was to stand back and be able to see him interact with these kids.. teaching them, encouraging them, and helping them chase their dream of playing baseball.



Lisa Loves John said...

Love this post! I bet it is super fun to see your hubby interact with all of his players. A little peek into future life :) :)

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