Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Social + Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad and all the fathers out there! 
Hope all of you are enjoying this special Sunday.


Linking up again this Sunday with Ashley and Neely.

1. Four favorite phone apps.

Instagram.. love love love taking photos! I really like this last update and how you have more options with the filters.

Pinterest.. let's face it.. what did we do before this web bulletin board??

Amazon Kindle.. Browsing one day, not too long after I got my Galaxy Note 3, I realized I had this and have downloaded several books already. Next up, The Fault in our Stars. I am one who loves to have a book in hand but I also like how I wouldn't have tons of books piling up in the house. Maybe I can get a Kindle sooner than later.. Coach and I have already had this convo.

Starbucks.. Back in April I got several gift cards for my birthday and I downloaded all of them to this app. All the barista had to do was scan my phone! Sooo much easier than me digging thru my wallet for the plastic because I have forgotten where I put it.

2. Four favorite summer TV shows.

Confession. I really don't have time or watch a lot of TV. I will watch Friends reruns in the evenings with Coach. I don't ever want to miss one! I will say I am ready for Scandal to return tho on Thursday evenings. It seemed to be the one show I did catch. Oh, and I have caught Joel Osteen on several Sunday's that we haven't gone to church. Love his messages!!

3. Four things you would NEVER do.

Sky dive.. 
give up my 930848374 pillows I sleep with..
probably never NOT have a shoe addiction..
lose my love for Oreos...

4. Four items you carry with you no matter what.

Chapstick/lipgloss... sunglasses... Several of my Advocare faves... phone.

5. Four blogs you should follow.

Peach State of Mind
(I will be guest posting here this week while Lauren is on her Honeymoon!)

Social Sunday


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