Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekending // A weekend to myself

Linking up today for the first time with B Loved Boston for Weekending.

This has been one relaxing, crafting fun one if I do say so myself! I ended up having Friday off, Friday the 13th treated me well, which NEVER happens so I got busy doing something I find myself saying I wish I could do more often.. craft and DIY projects for a WHOLE WEEKEND. Needless to say I haven't fixed my hair or put on a stitch of makeup since Thursday and THAT my friends has been wonderful. 
I'm in for a rude awakening tomorrow morning. 

This rainbow was beautiful Thursday night when I was leaving work.. Kind of like a , WHOO HOOO you have a four day weekend let's celebrate moment.

Considering I have zero green thumb and don't read up on any kind of flowers except hydrangeas, I could not tell you what this was but it it beautiful when it blooms.

And I had a little fun playing around with my camera.

If you are following along on Instagram, you probably already got a view of these fresh veggies from Connie's garden. The cucumbers were SOOOO yummy on my salad the other night! Can't wait to see the eggplant grow!

I hope all the fathers out there had a Happy Father's Day. 
Here is me and my Dad in December of 1984 the best I could tell from the back of the picture.

One of my projects this weekend included tinting mason jars. They are almost ready to cure in the oven so if they turn out right you may just see a tutorial! It was fun making them anyway...

I got to hang out with these precious puppies all weekend! They play so hard but not for very long because it was sooo stinkin' hot outside!

I got to work on these pallets that have been in our yard since before our wedding. You can check out more of these flag pallets in this post

I LOVE they way they turned out!

Working outside I got to see some beautiful sunsets. One of my very favorite things. They can be so breathtaking.

Coach finally made it home late last night from their tournaments in Statesboro. I have him aaaaallll to myself this week and I am SOO EXCITED!! 
Maybe I'll even get a HOT date out of him one night. hee hee



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