Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekending // Around the house

Happy Monday all! 
Hope your weekend was a relaxing as mine has been.

Meet India.. Indie for short. This poor puppy had a rough start but is now in safe arms at the Bestie's house. Her daughter Claire has taken full responsibility for this little one. Indie, along with her other brothers and sisters, were dumped off at a church with rubber bands around their necks. REALLY??! As if dumping them off wasn't enough. She has a pretty deep neck wound but the vet says she will heal right up! She doesn't even seemed phased by it and is loving her big brother Walker!

I LOVE seeing the FedEx man coming! 
Holy Green Apple Spark you are soooo yummy!

Saturday morning was pedi day for the horses! Trio needs a bath like something fierce.

 My in-laws, Amber and I are setting up a booth at Judy's church for a fun festival like fundraiser.
I had to make a run to Michael's for some things and scored on these charms.. $1/charm!!

Here is one I added to this mason jar...

I have also been working on frames I scored at the Red Hound Boutique in Jefferson.
Post to come soon on this one and the others.
They are also going in our booth.

If coyotes weren't enough on the farm we now have snakes. I'll take a king snake over a coyote any day of the week.

I finally let the pups outside off the leash one at a time. Kyli thoroughly enjoyed her time being free.. I tested her a couple of times to see if she would hang around the house but she failed miserably.. Went straight for the pasture looking for trouble.

They have been good hanging around on the back porch with me while I work despite them being stir crazy. Sweet babies.

And, of course, I leave you with a sunset. This was taken last night. Absolutely beautiful. I tried my panoramic on my phone for the first time. I think it did pretty good on this one considering it took me several tries to get one good shot.



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