Thursday, June 19, 2014


.... The coyote is no longer going to be able to come after my puppies anymore.
He showed his ugly face last night and Coach was able to take him down... a complete GI Joe, sniper kind of way with the army crawl and everything, as my husband explained. What it is with men and their hunting? He may want to coyote hunt rather than deer hunt from now on! Maybe not... but I think he had fun acting all Royal Marine sniper in a ghillie suit.

He did seem to think this wasn't the same one we saw. I am praying it is because I don't wanna see another one of these again! And I would like to be able for ALL of us to walk outside and be able to enjoy it without having to look over our shoulder the whole time.

Other good news!! 
I had two eggs today and more of the pasture has been cleared. 
Whoop whoop!



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