Friday, June 13, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday All!
I am especially happy over here in these parts... I ended up having today off. That NEVER happens on a Friday. 
Hooray for a LONG weekend! 
I slept in a bit and the puppies and I have been hanging around the house all day. Before I get busy on some DIY projects I thought I would join Christina and the girls for Five on Friday.


There have been several thunderstorms this week leaving behind a beautiful sky and gorgeous sunsets. They can be so breathtaking here on the farm.


I got to hang out with these sweet boys for a few minutes the other night.


Yesterday, after an eternity, I made it back to spin class!
 It felt great being back on the bike and our instructor even added a little bit of legs, shoulder, and abs to the workout. She is getting certified right now and was kicking our tail! It was so hot in there and I was sweating so bad I needed another shower.


This little pretty caught my eye in the Ingles checkout line Monday. 
Love a good DIY magazine.


How ADORABLE is this mason jar? 
Has me completely inspired to make one of my own!
Photo creds to Chloe and Isabel

Gotta get busy now!
Have you been working on any DIY projects? Do share!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!



Megan said...

Oh lala!1 I like the doily runner o the front of that mag!

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