Monday, June 16, 2014

Stars + Stripes .. Flag Pallet

These pallets have been sitting in our yard since before our wedding. I had a vision that stacked up boxed crates would hold our wedding gifts. Problem is was, I didn't get the right ones. Silly me where was my head? Oh I know!! It was going in 9239488457 different directions hindering me from thinking correctly.
So what do you do with them?

You add some red, white, and blue paint to have your very own flag for some festive yard decor.

flag pallet

Of course, Kyli has to always be nosey and be in the middle of everything that you are doing. She likes to think that no one can see her while she is doing it.. but she is highly mistaken. We'll just let her keep thinking this tho. I don't wanna hurt her feelings.

Let me zoom in on that last frame...

#sorryimnotsorry I think it's hilarious.
Kilz, paint, paint, a little tape, more paint, sweat dripping in your eyes, and an achy, breaking back later, your flag is ready for some stars!

flag pallet

After I realized the one on the right didn't have an odd number of boards to end in the color red, I just decided I would make this one ours for the front porch. 

Oh yes, Mara was the last dog standing sitting by the end of the day. Sox and Kyli decided they had enough of the heat and stayed in the AC. Can't say I blame them.

 My suggestion for you guys is to buy a sponge, cut it in the shape of a star and be done with it. I was too lazy to get in my car to drive myself to the dollar store to get one, so I got started with a detailed paint brush.

flag pallet

 As you probably see there are a couple that need a little TLC.
UPDATE: They are fixed.

When you are finished with your stars,
Use sand paper or a sanding block to remove any painting mistakes...

flag pallets

... And then get it to your front porch or wherever you choose to proudly show these colors!

flag pallet

flag pallet

 The wreath was made last year and you can check out that tutorial here.

My MIL, AIL (aunt in law), and myself are participating in a church craft fair at the end of the month and the other pallets will be going in the booth. I'm hoping they sell to make a little cash for our Annual Hopper Girl's Savannah trip!

Are you crafting anything for the 4th?
Feel free to share.. I would love to hear what you are making!



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