Saturday, June 14, 2014

Veggies in the garden + their benefits

Who loooves some fresh veggies??

Yesterday afternoon, my MIL stopped by for a few minutes and we ended up checking out the garden at Tracie's. She had told her Mom there were huge zucchini but boy were we all blown away at the amount and size of the veggies that had grown!!
Zucchini, squash, peppers, cantelope, cucumber, and there is even eggplant on its way.

Connie got to pickin'!

Speaking of vegetables, let's go over why they are SO important for you!

*they can help boost your immunity
*they can reduce your chance of stroke
*they can help regulate digestion
*they contain important vitamins and minerals we need


ZUCCHINI can help lower cholesterol, reduces the risk for cancer, promotes prostate health, and prevents heart attacks and strokes?

SQUASH is high in vitamin c and vitamin a, helps prevent osteoporosis, helps prevent the onset of cataracts, helps prevent cancer, and reduces high blood pressure?

CUCUMBER relieves joint pain/arthritis/ghout, aids to fight cancer, controls blood pressure, prevents headaches, and reduces cholesterol?

EGGPLANT protects the heart and arteries, prevents infections, prevents cancer, protects the brain and cleanses the blood?

Did you happen to catch the one thing ALL of these veggies have in common??

Now get out there friends and enjoy yourselves some refreshing, yummy vegetables.
I'm off to enjoy a cup of these zucchini and squash myself!
Happy eating!



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