Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

We are halfway to Friday! Whooo hoo! 
I am one more day closer to seeing my handsome honey. 
Just to update you guys a little baseball is definitely in full swing and I have definitely been missing my boo! The puppies, chickens, errands, and work yesterday have certainly been keeping me busy. After a busy week, I do have this weekend off and hope to see Coach and his players on the field in the A-T-L. Love watching him do what he loves!
The puppies are super cuddly and loving when he is gone... they love their Momma! Speaking of loving here is what I am loving on this Wednesday!

I am LOVING T25! 
Today I am on Week 5 Day 3 and feeling awesome!! Shaun T is da bomb dot com. I loved Insanity but I think this takes the cake. Twenty-five minutes and you are donzo. There are days when I do a little more but I want to see what this program does alone. This was taken on the 24th. BETA week is next week and I'm a tad bit nervous to see what it's all about!

I am LOVING these clouds!
I was laying out one afternoon and these clouds showed up.. a scary thunderstorm followed not too long afterwards. I sat for a bit and watched the clouds move in all different direction before I had to go in. Love seeing the sky in all its different forms.

I am LOVING my last minute GNO with Karen. 
She has been an awesome addition to the Sassafras all the way from Hawaii! We absolutely love her! We had so much fun painting Sanford Stadium and can't wait to get back for the next class!

I am LOVING my new kicks my boo surprised me with!
They are super comfy and feel so good to my feet. I have had my other ones for about 5 years now.
It was definitely time for a new pair.

I am LOVING this anklet jewelry!
I saw Litter on Shark Tank a couple months ago one night watching TV with Coach. I love love love their stuff! So unique and creative. 

I am LOVING that Sox is going to be OK!
We think she had a little accident playing too hard with Mara but with a little meds she will be back to normal soon!
We also found out she has a bit of arthritis and hip displaysia in her right hip, but the vet said glucosamine would definitely help her. She just also needs to take it easy for the next 10 days or so. We will keep her on the glucosamine from now on. Bless her heart we hate to see her limping around.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!



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