Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Memory Lane..

Yesterday after our first visit to the hospital we had some time to kill.. so we stopped by the beauty supply store and instead of our normal left we take out of there to go home, Coach took a right instead, and what do you know... we were at the UGA Baseball field. They have remodeled the entrance and it looks great!
There were a few players on the field but unfortunately, this is the awesome view that y'all get. ;)

Then, he took me to where his dorms were his Freshman and Sophomore year... and this is what we came to....

He couldn't believe it. We rounded the corner and he was like WHERE DID THEY GO?? They aren't even here!! 
So funny to listen to him go on about how "officially old he was" because he didn't even realize they had been torn down.
This whole area used to be dorms.

We drove down East Campus and decided to go check out where my last apt/condo.. this was by far the coolest apt I ever lived in. 
This is where I was living when Coach and I started dating again for the 3rd time... He used to come over and cook me his famous eggs and eat my cereal. I think he got more cooked dinners here than he's gotten here at home! OK maybe that's an exaggeration but just sayin'.

They have painted the trim white, which used to be black, and I like the black so much better. 

The door to the left went to the living room and the door to the right went to my bedroom..

There were also two main entrance doors that went to the hallway, which you could enter your apt thru your 'front door'. 

A little walk down memory lane. 
Can't believe it has been almost 4 years since I've lived here! And for Coach, even longer since he was living in his dorms.. that are no longer there. Bless him. I think he's been thinking lately about how 'old' he is.. which I don't think he is at all!!

Up next: An inside tour!


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