Thursday, May 21, 2015

You will be missed...

So yesterday was a really hard day.
I remember waking up and seeing Trio, Chester, and Snuggles at the fence eating just like a normal day.. I went to work and just after lunch, I checked my phone and had several calls/texts from my MIL and SIL letting me know that the vet was being called because there was something wrong with Trio. 
I honestly thought he was colicing and it never crossed my mind that it was worse than that...

If you are new here, a couple months before our wedding, we realized someone cut our fence and had given us Trio. He was severely malnourished and in pretty bad shape, but the vet told us all he needed was to gain his weight back and a little TLC. 
There was one thing tho, the vet said he had cancer in his sheath area, but he had seen horses that lasted years and others who went fast. As long as Trio was showing good quality of life there was no problem.

Apparently, the cancer had spread, and hit Trio really hard and fast yesterday. I know I'm not getting all the details, but I know it was bad and it was best to put him down. The vet said that he wouldn't have made it thru the night. 

Coach came and picked me up at work and I was able to spend a couple of hours with Trio yesterday evening. While I was with him, we had one of the prettiest sunsets.. its like it was just for him the way he was facing the pasture as he would when they would all be at the gate. 

It wasn't right whoever let Trio get as bad as he did and cut our fence, but we were all blessed to have such a sweet, loving, well mannered beauty on the Hopper Farm! I'm so thankful he was able to spend his last years with us fat and happy and well taken care of.

As Connie said, our family did pull together and all help Trio and I'm so appreciative of that.. I will be real in saying that I do have feelings of guilt of not spending a lot of time with him these past few months. I also wish I would've stepped away from the yard sale Saturday and been with him at my SIL's while he got his pedicure. 
It happened the way it happened and this is just something I'm going to have to work through. 

I'll say again how much I'll miss you Trio and miss seeing your graceful runs in the pasture! He was even more beautiful when he ran.. oh my goodness he ran with such grace!
You were the absolute best!

?? - May 19, 2015


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