Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekending // How is it already May?

This weekend felt super busy but maybe it wasn't all that bad. It was my last prom to work of the year, we saw my little Brother off to his Senior prom, and Sunday I had some errands to run. I'm so thankful I had some energy left because normally by Sunday I am ZONKED.

This was actually Thursday and I'm sooo glad I was able to be home to see. 

Hair and Makeup for JHS prom.. sorry I BLEW UP y'alls Instagram feed Saturday..

Best friends Eryn & Erin.. (girls in previous pics)

My bro's girlfriend Michelle was my last one, my Mom packed up most of my stuff while I was finishing, and I was off to see them all ready to go! Kolton even hung out with us at the salon.. it was so fun and cute seeing him and Michelle together.
I was so jealous! Their dinner was at Utage downtown Athens.. one of the BEST sushi places ever. 

Sunday, I slept in, finally got ready and made my way out to run a few errands. While searching for a card I saw this cupcake card... how flippin' cute is this?? OK maybe its just me.

I stopped by Pet Smart to pick up the dogs some Chuckit Fetch balls and saw this sweetie. I kept hearing this dog whining and whimpering and I finally turned around and he was just staring at me like PEEETTT MEE PLEEASE!!!
He was there for class.. he was a sweetie and very well mannered!

I hadn't been home long and Coach came rollin' in like this...

I think it's safe to say the new season is officially about to start with a quickness.. Uniforms, helmets, and about 5 buckets of new baseballs.

And today the pups are seriously worn out after a short came of fetch yesterday afternoon. They LOVED it. I feel so bad for not getting them something sooner. A friend did remind me tho that its done nothing but rain except for the past few days so there really wouldn't have been a way to go outside with them.
We'll go back out later today!
Sox and Mara aren't allowed in the house right now because, SURPRISE, they rolled in their perfume. Stinks to be them!! Ha!!


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