Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kyli digs...

One of the things that gets me cracked up about Kyli is her determination to find whatever it is that her sniffer picks up.. 
She will KEEP after a rodent until she succeeds in finding it and she can sniff it out of wherever she is! I won't go into too many details about her helping out around the house.... it does come with a 100 year old farm house tho.
Monday I got home from the grocery store and let the Amigas out while getting groceries out of the car.. They normally lay out in sun where I can see them but they weren't so I went looking... 
I didn't have to look too far!!! She was beside the house D-I-G-G-I-N-G like a mad dog!
I don't know how long she had been at it or what she was trying to get but me calling her name didn't slow her down a bit!
It's just the little things that crack me up with the pups! 

She was definitely in her happy place!



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