Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Late Sunday evening, Coach made is way home from Ft Myers and it sure was nice to have him home! I really miss him when he's not around.. which he did mention he bets when he is home after a couple weeks I will be asking when his next tournament is. Ha! 
Yesterday we were able to spend most of the day together and it. was. AWEEEESOOOME!!
 I did have a lunch date with my grandmother, Mama Jane, and Pop came along too! We enjoyed our little date at Ruby Tuesdays.. I LOVE their salad bar! 
Afterwards, Coach and I went Evans Jewel Box where he has gotten my ring and other jewelry from in town to see if we could find anything.. they are closing the doors after 58 years!! I am SO SAD about this! I actually did have a ring picked out hee hee that I wanted him to see but it ended up not being what we thought so we didn't get anything. I did end up dropping mine off to be checked and cleaned and I cannot WAIT to get it tomorrow. I feel so naked without it!
We were on our way home and Coach decided he wanted to drive thru Akins to see what kind of trucks they had on the lot. His 'yota has over 250K miles and it's just time for him to have something new. We ended up going for a drive in some kind of Dodge Ram and boy was it nice. When we got back to dealership he went in to say hey to someone he knows and the guy offered to let him take it home for a couple days. 
Coach sure does look good in it! ...

... I am LOVING his beard too! He will grow it for me every now and then.. and grow his hair long. I L. O. V. E. it! He has THE best hair too. 

So this week I started eating Paleo. I have heard good things about it and after a friend helping me and me doing a little of my own research, I found a great website filled with TONS of info and recipes.
Everything I have made so far has been absolutely delicious and I feel satisfied after every meal. I downloaded a free 4 week meal plan and I still food prepped with breakfasts, lunches, and snacks and I have been making dinner at night. Coach even ate the Chicken Salad I made and raved about it.. didn't even tell him it was Paleo either!

eat paleo meals

eat paleo meals

These muffins are AMAZING by the way! It said they froze well and they DO! I just pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and they are good to go!  I can't wait to make the banana pancakes!

And of course the Pups wanted some too... 

.... they don't care what drops on the floor they just want something. Little Miss Greybeard Diva tho snorted at the red grape I dropped.. 

Annnnddd thank you Coach for my new t-shirt! He may or may not be tired of me wearing his with leggings so he decided to get me his own.. naaahhh he just LOVES to spoil me!

baseball louisville slugger own the plate

My favorite color too! Lousiville Slugger does make some good lookin' shirts tho.

Hope you are all having a great start to your week friends!



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