Friday, October 17, 2014

oh hey FRIDAY // 5 on Friday

Happy Friday! 
Not much has gone on this week... just pretty low key and full of work except for Wednesday..
It was SOOO GREAT having the day off being at home with my puppies and my Boo.
Well, some of the day anyway... Remember Coach test drove a truck earlier this week? Well, he went to take the truck back and turns out all the numbers looked good so he is the proud owner of a new truck! I couldn't be happier for him and I'm SO proud for him as well! He sure did need one and he has been patiently waiting for about two years now.

Linking up with these friends again this beautiful fall Friday!


I am feeling an itch to get started on another project soon! Of course, I saw this on Pinterest and I think it would go perfect in our foyer. 
And I know JUST the place to find me a door......


... In our backyard at the barn. 

I have NO idea how long this door has lived here.. as long as Coach and I have been together I remember being in this exact spot. It's just time to get it out of the weather before it rots.
And, looking at this picture reminds me of the date.. in exactly one more month from today, Coach and I will be married for TWO years now! Where has the time gone? I just really can't believe it. Still seems like yesterday.....


I have seen this before and I came across it again this week. 
Both times I have busted out laughing because I totally get this.. unfortunately, I have a problem with numbers.. PERIOD. 


Love some Joel Osteen.


Tomorrow is Jefferson's Homecoming and my book is FULL! I also have two clients for two different weddings in the morning before I start with all the homecoming shenanigans. Busy busy Saturday! This was from this afternoon from one of my regular hair clients who was nominated for court. She looked gorgeous! I will see her again tomorrow!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!



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