Monday, October 20, 2014

A whole lot of Hairspray...

Saturday there was a WHOLE lot of hairspray flying thru the air at the salon! 
It was my hometowns homecoming and I also had a wedding Saturday before I got started with all the sweet homecoming ladies.

It was a GORGEOUS day here in the South!
My bride was Lisa, who I met at the Bridal/Fashion show, last January. I met her Mom when I found my dress and she remembered I was hair stylist.. Lisa contacted me few months ago and I was available for Saturday! 
I've seen some pictures from her wedding photos already and she was STUNNING! 

Sarah Beth made it on court so I had the honor of doing her hair and makeup both Friday and Saturday.. beautiful girl and her dresses were gorgeous!

A couple more of my sweet ladies from Saturday!

Love these girls and they are all super sweet and beautiful!
It was such a great Saturday behind the chair even if I did almost run out of hairspray. Ha! 



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