Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkins & New Wall Decor

By the time fall and cooler temps get here, I am READY for baseball season to be O. V. A. and my boo to be home for good!
I must admit, I feel a twinge of jealousy when I see all the couple's enjoying festivals, corn mazes, and pumpkin patch's together... Don't get me wrong, I am soo happy for everyone to be enjoying the fall air and making memories with their loved ones and I enjoy looking at all your pictures too :) ... I am just more than ready to make memories with my handsome hubby.
Yesterday we FINALLY got a whole day together!
And what did we do?
Coach promised me last week we would go and get our pumpkin.

This is the fourth year we have gone to the Methodist Church in town.. Coach even saw one of his player's and of course there was a little baseball chit chat for a bit.

I have no recollection if Coach and I even have a picture of our first year getting a pumpkin but here is our second year and last year's pictures at the patch. Seriously LOVE this little blog space to look back on our memories!

Kind of going out of order on the events of our day but anyhooo...
before all the pumpkin shenanigans we set out for a little road trip to pick up Coach's deer from two YEARS ago! 

Never let your last words be "Don't kill anything there is A LOT of stuff we need to get finished" the week of your wedding. I do believe his response was "oh I don't think I'll see anything". 
Yeah. Right.
So here we are almost two years later and we are finally picking it up. 
When Coach got it out of the car the pups didn't know WHAT to think! Sooo funny!
At one point Kyli jumped up in my arms to get away, Shane came after her with the deer, and just picture how little dogs feet start 'paddling' before you put them down in water.. she was doing that and trying to back out of my arms at the same time... it was HILARIOUS!! 

And then there were two.. the one of the right is the one we picked up today. Poor Bambi's.

On the way back we stopped in Monroe and had some lunch at the Butcher Block.
It wasn't too bad!
I want to go back and check out all the little shops downtown.. looked super cute!
How thrilled is my husband that I am taking another picture??

Besides a MUCH needed grocery store trip and dinner, which Coach joined me in the making of an Easy Stir-Fry dish, I bet he wished he never offered to cut that onion, that's a wrap friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!



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