Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday

There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for friends!
And besides the obvious of the great Lord blessing me with a roof over my head, water and food, clothing on my back and my good health, today I am thankful I am HOME and not sitting in the traffic from the Luke Bryan concert!

Oh my goodness!

Call me a stump on a log for not leaving work and going 10 minutes down the road to the huge Farm Tour and watching Luke "shake it for me" but I don't think you could have PAID me enough money to get in that mess.
Yes, it is cool that Luke himself made it to my small hometown of Jefferson Georgia, but there were so many stories I heard from last year of it taking people hours to get there, hours to get home and only getting two hours of sleep because it took SO long to get home, and people peeing all around you because of horrific lines to the bathroom. I would SERIOUSLY probably lose my religion on somebody if they peed on me...

I was already having trouble getting thru town at 3:30 this afternoon! And even tho the JPD was already set up to direct traffic, my evening clients still sat in bumper to bumper traffic trying to make their appointments. 

I should have made my way to Amber's, my grandmother's or my Mom's after work because they could hear the music clear as a bell! Amber told me she and the girl's were having their own dance party on the back porch. Now that's MY kinda party. 
Laawwwd I must be showing my age... HA! Too much crowd for me!

I do hope for the 15,000 who were there that you didn't get soaked from the gnarly thunderstorm that looked like was about to dump on you it was looking and sounding pretty bad, BUT Luke does say that "rain is a good thang", AND I pray that you all make it home safe and sound! 

I will enjoy looking at all your pics tomorrow on social media!



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