Monday, October 27, 2014

WEEKENDING // Curls, Baseball, & a Bull Terrier

Can I do this weekend over again please? 
Monday has made its way here entirely too fast! 

I started my weekend off right with this Guac Burger Friday. My wonderful Aunt got her hair done and treated me to a little place called The Savory Spoon. The chef there is awesome and he will make our burgers Paleo style for us using the fresh, seasonal veggies.
Hands down the best burger ever! 

Saturday I slept in... can you say UUUH-mazing!.... 
Hung around with the puppies, did some work around the house, got my workout in at the gym, and had a Sushi date with Stacey. (One of my dear high school friends) 
Love me some sushi! We even got attacked by some kind of huge cricket at dinner! YIKES I hope none of that was in any of our rolls! HA!
You may have seen this on Instagram already but my hair hasn't been holding curl with my trusty curling iron. SO after seeing a girls hair on Insta that had curled her hair with a wand, I decided to blow the dust off mine and try it on Friday... my hair stayed ALL day long!
Well, lets try it again for girls night!
I curled, ran my fingers thru, and sprayed with a little shine spray.

Done and done! I think the wand will be hanging around for awhile!

After I got home, I checked out what was going on with the World Series and boy was it a great game! The Giants were down and they battled their way back for a W!

Table for 1 please!
It was just too pretty of a morning yesterday to not enjoy breakfast out on the back porch.
The puppies enjoyed their sunbathing too.

Braselton was hosting their annual Antique Festival and Connie and I made our way over shortly after lunch. 
We found some GREAT deals as soon as we got there! That's what you can look forward to going on the last day.. vendors want to get rid of their stuff so they don't have to take it back home with them!

1. What a unique piece! I would have LOVED to have snatched this up! We had never seen anything like it.
2. Love these crowns!
3. I loved these ornaments and think they would be pretty easy to make. Just spray some adhesive glue and dip it in epsom salt!

Still don't have a mantle over the fireplace in the kitchen and Connie spotted this one. I loved it but I don't think it's wide enough.

Back in April, these were $25! 
They still had this Louisville Slugger now at $12 and since Team Elite does so much with them, I couldn't resist getting it for Coach's office. 
It was an even a better deal at $10!
I heard myself saying.. "Will you take 10 for it?" and she said yes! 
I must admit I walked away from that booth a little taller... American Pickers anyone?

AND, I was a TOTAL crazy lady yesterday who may or may not have attacked this bull terriers owners. Ha!
No.. really.. I think I handled myself pretty well despite all the excitement that was about to BUST out of me for seeing one of these puppies in person!
I want one soooo bad!! 
The couple was SO sweet and so kindly let me have a picture or two with their pup. Sweet little thing didn't even have a name yet tho.. they had just gotten her the day before.
Ohhh my at the puppy breath too! Oh my goodness I can't WAIT until I get my very own!

So, Coach has been in Jupiter for the Perfect Game WWBA tournament. His last one of the 2014 Team Elite season. They battled and made their way into the first rounds of the championship and lost in a tiebreaker against the Orlando Scorpions. From what I hear it was a heartbreaker. 
I was scrolling thru Instagram and stumbled upon these on a parents page.. made me SMILE HUGE seeing my Boo! 
Thank you 2hite for capturing these photos! Cracks me up the kids call him "The Hopper"!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Have yourself a wonderful Monday too!



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