Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tying the Knot // Chanda & Joe's Beautiful Wedding

Yesterday was an absolute GORGEOUS day here in Georgia... perfect weather for a gorgeous wedding that would take place at 2, for one of the most sweetest, giving, beautiful brides ever!
Her name is Chanda and honestly, she and her Mom and step-dad are more like family to me.. I have been doing their hair since I first started a llooooooong time ago! They truly hold a special place in my heart and I am so blessed to know them and many of their friends!

I arrived just before 10AM for hair and makeup. 
She was super calm and everything went great. 

I loved her hair! Totally Chanda's style!

bridal wedding hair updo

Three of her closest friends that I know were there with us and it was a fun, relaxed morning! There really wasn't any reason for me to go home and come right back so I got a tour of their new house from Glenda, was able to see a little bit of their 'first look' from a distance of course gave Cathy's hair some volume, got myself ready and made my way down to find a seat. I ended up finding my cousin's, Sylvia and Jeff, and sat with them for the ceremony. 

It was a beautiful ceremony. Logan, Chanda's son walked her down the aisle and gave her away. Joe's two sons were his best men and they all took part in the sand ceremony to represent them becoming one family. It was the sweetest!
One of the thing's the preacher said that I loved was when you keep God the center of your marriage the best is yet to come.
I loved that! I even shared that with Coach.

The flowers are gorgeous and if you are new to this space hydrangeas are one of my faves! I love the color theme and the moss...

This arrangement was my favorite. I don't know flowers or filler names so forgive me.. the sticks and those green willow looking filler are the perfect final touches in my opinion. The florist did an amazing job!

This cake was DEVINE! My slice ended up being raspberry but one of my friends was lemon. 

Absolutely love these two. 
They have hearts of gold. If you follow along on Instagram you have already seen my hashtag of "theymayaswelladoptme". HA! I already feel apart of the family! I got to meet many of their friends I have heard about and it's nice to finally put a face with a name. A few of their friends I met are in the Parrot Head club that goes to Key West every year. (Ricky and Glenda are the ones who guided me and Shane when we went to Key West for our anniversary last year. They know that island back and forth!) They joked around me coming with them to fix their hair every night so they could have pretty hair all week. Well OF COURSE you don't have to ask me twice! Ha! Such a wonderful group of people.

The Mr. and Mrs.! 

Love this guest book!

Sylvia knows Chanda thru the spin/yoga studio we all attend.
Love these two!

Congrats Chanda and Joe! 
Wishing you lots of happiness and many blessings in the years to come!
Your day was so beautiful and I was blessed to have witnessed it.



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